52Frames – 2021-06 – Single Point of Focus

The theme for 52Frames for week 06 was “Single point of focus”. I planted some thyme, basil and parsley in a small apartment garden thingy – and it just started sprouting this week, which I felt made for a nice single point of focus picture! So here, enjoy a bit of thyme. Or, more precisely, let’s wait a bit before we enjoy a bit of thyme 😉

52Frames – 2021-05 – Horizon lines

The theme for this week’s 52Frames was “Horizon Lines”. While it was explicitly mentioned that having “real” horizon lines was not necessary for the challenge (and that it had more to do with “avoiding crooked pictures”), I couldn’t see anything else for this challenge than going for a walk along the lake.

Thankfully, the weather was good enough today for me to proceed with that plan – hence, here’s a picture of the Zürich lake. With an horizon line (and parallel-ish lines on the bottom for good measure.)

52Frames – 2021-04 – Water

The theme for 52Frames this week was “Water”. I made some vegetable broth yesterday, and the combination of a very full pot and a glass lid ended up being quite fascinating… and allowing for shots of boiling water without lens fog 🙂 I took a fair amount of them, and ended up liking the abstract of this one most – so that’s what I submitted for the challenge 🙂

(The broth ended in broccoli soup which was delicious 🙂 )

52Frames – 2021-03 – Get Low

The Sudden Appearance of Snow

The theme for 52Frames this week was to “Get Low”. That would typically be the kind of theme that would make me take my camera on a walk and try to get familiar places shot from another angle. But it snowed pretty heavily in the past few days – we got more than 20 cm of it, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen that much snow in the city! While it’s still a very reasonable amount of snow compared to other places in the world, going for a walk on slippery surfaces lugging a fairly expensive camera that already went in service a few months ago seemed like a Bad Idea™. So I stayed home, and looked at the snow on my balcony.

It turns out that said balcony is partly protected by a bit of roof, and that the snow distribution showed it very well. My first pictures were of the snowed-in balcony chairs (which look exactly like a miniature car under the snow…), but I ended up going for a more abstract shot that showed the texture of the snow better.

And I even claimed the extra credit “Leading Lines”, because, well, I accidentally got one in the shot 😉

52Frames – 2020-02 – Leading Lines

The theme for 52Frames this week was Leading Lines – and I went for a walk with this specific place in mind. The river at the bottom is the Sihl; the bridge on top is the Autobahn. It’s a pretty weird place because it’s not that common a construction, but I quite like it, and I had never taken a proper shot of it – so that’s solved. Incidentally, I had a lot of contenders for this theme – once you start searching leading lines, you find a lot of them! Whether they lead to someplace interesting is another question – here, I feel they go to infinity “enough” to be worth the shot.

52Frames – 2021-01 – Self-portrait

Well, I officially managed to do a 52-week streak of 52Frames in 2020, how about we try to do that again in 2021?

The theme for the first week of the year is, as usual, “Self-portrait”. My first impulse was to go for a standard portrait headshot; I decided against it and went for a more “candid” approach – although this picture is anything but! (It involved a tripod, a remote, and moving around a bit of furniture…).

But hey, I got a shot (and considering my motivation today, that counts as a very large achievement.) Also, just for the ad, my mug comes from Robin Grigg Wood’s Redbubble and I like it a lot, so there’s that.

52Frames – 2020-52 – 2020 in a Photo

Obviously, for the 52Frames theme “2020 in a Photo”, my first impulse was to take a picture with a mask and my surgery scar. It felt trite, and not necessarily what I needed to remember either (because I will anyway).

This year was also the first year we’re not visiting family for the end of the year festivities. As an almost direct consequence, this is also the first year we have a Christmas tree in our home. We also made a bunch of sweets, because it’s Christmas 😉

And there was a distinct need for coziness too – which means that we recently got a couple of armchairs, and we replaced the bulb sockets in the living room by proper light fixtures – dimmable and color-controllable.

This was a weird year; this was an unusual Christmas. Not everything was bad about that (well, I even had a very couple of Christmas days 🙂 ). And for the first year ever, I did 52 weeks of 52Frames.

52Frames – 2020-51 – Black&White Minimalism

The theme for the penultimate week of the year of 52Frames is “Black&White Minimalism”. I was initially thinking of using my fountain pen (which is black with a black nib) with a large amount of white paper negative space, but I thought the shot would be somewhat more interesting with a sliiiightly bit more elements in the picture. After a few iterations, that’s what I ended up with! Which is probably the most on-the-nose interpretation of the theme I could have come up with, but I quite like the image 🙂