52Frames – 2022-39 – Letters

Facade of SwissLife, showing the letters "Swiss society of general human life insurance" in German, French and Italian, with all Swiss cantons flags below, carved in stone. In front of the wall, a small black car is passing quickly, and two people are looking at tram times at the tram stop. A large green and yellow tree is visible in the background of the image.

The theme for this week’s 52Frames was “Letters”. I started grumbling because the weather was pretty bad early in the afternoon; it finally cleared up, so I went for a walk with my camera (and my husband 😉 ). My initial goal was to take pictures of Bahnhof Enge, but there’s repair/cleaning works ongoing, so that was not what I wanted for that picture. I took a few more pictures around – I have at least a backup for this image, and we made way to the lake. On the way, I remembered this facade – those are better letters!

I first grumbled because of the tram stop, but the picture I got feels a bit more alive/story-telling that way, so I like it. And when coming home, I realized the “extra credit” for this week was “Cinematic” – I processed a bit more in that direction, and claimed it 🙂

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