52Frames – 2022-30 – Single Focal Point

A white flower over a green foliage background. The borders of the image have a heavy dark vignetting.

I wasn’t home for last week’s 52Frames, and I hadn’t taken my camera with me – which made the “Single Focal Point” theme a bit challenging (it’s typically the kind of theme where you do want focus and aperture control!). I still took a few pictures in the garden with my phone, and I edited this one to submit it in the last minute. I’ve honestly submitted worse images to 52Frames 😉

52Frames – 2021-06 – Single Point of Focus

The theme for 52Frames for week 06 was “Single point of focus”. I planted some thyme, basil and parsley in a small apartment garden thingy – and it just started sprouting this week, which I felt made for a nice single point of focus picture! So here, enjoy a bit of thyme. Or, more precisely, let’s wait a bit before we enjoy a bit of thyme 😉

52Frames – 2020-37 – Single Focal Point

The theme for 52Frames this week was Single Focal Point, with an extra credit of f/1.4. Pierre made some pie this afternoon – so I took the liberty of bothering him with my camera while he was doing that.

Since I wanted the extra credit, I took my only lens that’s able to open to f/1.4, which is a non-macro 50mm, which made focusing somewhat difficult: I have been shooting with a macro lens a lot lately, and this one has a much longer focusing distance! But eventually, I got there.

I ended up taking 300 pictures – and the one I chose was the last one 😉 So I guess I’m titling this one “Finishing touch” – that’s the last piece of pear that goes on that pie! Oh, and if you want the recipe for the pie, my husband wrote it down 15 years ago in French here: Tarte poire / frangipane / chocolat 😉