52Frames – 2021-03 – Get Low

The Sudden Appearance of Snow

The theme for 52Frames this week was to “Get Low”. That would typically be the kind of theme that would make me take my camera on a walk and try to get familiar places shot from another angle. But it snowed pretty heavily in the past few days – we got more than 20 cm of it, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen that much snow in the city! While it’s still a very reasonable amount of snow compared to other places in the world, going for a walk on slippery surfaces lugging a fairly expensive camera that already went in service a few months ago seemed like a Bad Idea™. So I stayed home, and looked at the snow on my balcony.

It turns out that said balcony is partly protected by a bit of roof, and that the snow distribution showed it very well. My first pictures were of the snowed-in balcony chairs (which look exactly like a miniature car under the snow…), but I ended up going for a more abstract shot that showed the texture of the snow better.

And I even claimed the extra credit “Leading Lines”, because, well, I accidentally got one in the shot 😉

52 Frames – 2019 Week 02 – Rule of Thirds

The theme for the second week of the 52Frames project was “Rule of Thirds“. I’ll admit my motivation for this theme was not very high – I considered going the “cheeky” route and take a picture of a third of a pie, but eh. And since it’s the second week, NOT submitting is inconceivable 😉

I knew motivation was going to be low, so when I went for lunch on Thursday and ran into that very pretty snowy tree, I took a bit of time to frame it within the constraints of said rule of thirds with my phone camera, thinking I’d have a backup shot in all cases.

I spent a bit of time doing some post-processing – cleaning up a few spots, removing a piece of road that was a bit ugly, and generally speaking bending the reality a little bit to get a better picture. Re-considering it right now, I’m thinking that maybe I should have removed more snow in the middle and compressed a bit the distances more – so that I would have better “horizontal” thirds.

I can’t say I’m particularly proud of that one – I do find it quite boring; but it’s submitted, it’s within the constraints of the challenge, and that’s all that matters!