Zürich Botanical Garden

Last week-end, the weather was quite nice, and I wanted to go for a walk – so we ended up in the Zürich botanical garden. I had been a couple of times, but in particular I don’t think I had ever entered the large greenhouses – despite their pretty characteristic look.

The main issue with greenhouses is that their climate is, by design, not very compatible with, well, me – I still had a very good time taking pictures of the different specimens there.

The words: “OH THOSE ARE SO CUTE” have been uttered:


The outside of the garden was also very nice – the frogs were very noisy (probably to compensate for the fact that they were not very visible) and I found some weird stuff too.

The full gallery is available on SmugMug and on Google Photos.

52Frames – 2019 Week 07 – City at Night

The theme for 52Frames this week was “City by Night” with an extra credit “5 seconds or longer”. So I took my tripod outside of the apartment for the first time – which made me conclude that, although I do love my Manfrotto for studio work, I definitely need a more portable tripod if I want to move around with it.

I started my walk at Lindenhof to get a view of the Limmat, the University and ETH.

I also got a picture of a rare ghost tram!

On the other side, Grossmünster and the colorful lights from the Kantonspolizei building.

Then, I strolled along the Limmat, taking the picture that’s on top of this post (and that I submitted for 52Frames), as well as this more accidental one (I probably shot in the tripod in the middle of the exposure, although I don’t remember it…), that I ended up liking quite a lot 🙂

I ended my stroll at the lake, looked at the pier…

… as well at the other side of the view in direction of the Opera.

I believe that, for a first try at tripod night photography, it was pretty good. The pictures I got are not very original, but they’re from a technical point of view not bad, and I’m even happy with them 🙂

All of these were exposed at 30 seconds on ISO 100 and with a f/stop that would allow me to get a reasonable exposure (f/13, f/14 for these ones, although I experimented a bit more than that). Hardware-wise, my Pentax K-1, mounted with my 24-70/2.8, my Manfrotto 055 tripod with a ball head. I had a neutral density filter in my backpack because I didn’t know what would be the conditions for “long exposures” (which I wanted), but I didn’t need it. Oh, and a cable release – I wouldn’t have expected to use the remote and the cable release as much as I do when I bought them 🙂

The full album (which I posted in its entirety here) is available here: Zürich by Night – February 2019.

52 Frames – 2019 Week 03 – Hello from…

The theme for 52Frames last week was “Hello from…”. And it so happened that we’ve had very good weather – to the point that I said “YESS” when arriving on top of Lindenhof and seeing the Alps in the background. I wanted to go for a very “classical” shot of the city, and the one from Lindenhof is my favorite, because you see Grossmünster very well (and, on that day, it had flags!), there’s a tram line on the road, and on clear days you see the Alps.

So I did that, I took the opportunity to take a few more shots – mostly with a crystal ball – and all in all it was a great afternoon in my favorite city – in which I happen to live 🙂

Zürich through a crystal ball

For Christmas, I got a crystal ball to use for photography. On Tuesday, the weather was nice, so I went in the city to experiment a bit with it.

First, I went to Lindenhof to get a re-take on my favorite view of the city.

The other side of that view is cool too:

Then I accidentally left my polarizing filter on – but that’s actually pretty cool, look, I’m holding a soap bubble!

And actually, photographing trees through that ball is pretty fun. But hey – I do have a favorite tree in Zürich! What if I visited it? A short tram ride later, here I am – Zürichhorn!

After a few more shots in the vicinity, I found another cool tree when walking back along the lake.

As I walked back to Bellevue, the night fell. Time to take a last one – I did not intend for the whole thing to be out of focus, but I happen to really like the end result 🙂

I took a few more pictures that day (including a heron silhouette!) – they are here: A small walk in Zürich with a crystal ball.