52Frames – 2020-02 – Leading Lines

The theme for 52Frames this week was Leading Lines – and I went for a walk with this specific place in mind. The river at the bottom is the Sihl; the bridge on top is the Autobahn. It’s a pretty weird place because it’s not that common a construction, but I quite like it, and I had never taken a proper shot of it – so that’s solved. Incidentally, I had a lot of contenders for this theme – once you start searching leading lines, you find a lot of them! Whether they lead to someplace interesting is another question – here, I feel they go to infinity “enough” to be worth the shot.

52Frames 2020-02 – Leading Lines

I didn’t know exactly what to do for the second 52Frames theme of the year, Leading Lines – but last week I went for a tiny photo walk near the lake. A friend of mine had lent me his Sony NEX-7 so that I could have a look at the form factor and at the general feel of it – so that was an extra motivation to go out and shoot. I arrived at the lake at the same time as the boat, so I took a few pictures; I also experimented with the spyglass that’s nearby, but I didn’t manage to get something convincing leading-lines-wise.

On the post-processing side, of note – the pink/red nuances in the sky were there, but I spent some time making them somewhat more obvious; that’s probably a bit more “creative reality” than I usually do, but I don’t hate the result 🙂