52Frames Catch-Up

Well, look at that, I forgot to post a bunch of 52Frames here! But, my streak is not broken 😉

2022-33 – Night Photography

Overexposed moon appearing behind a building. The moon seems to throw straight rays in all directions.

For “Night Photography”, we had had been having a full moon that week and, while I missed that one, I had noticed it was showing around the building in front of my balcony. So, later that week, I set up my tripod, and I waited for the moon to show. It eventually did – although later than what I was expecting – and, since I was already set up, I managed to snap a few pictures juuuuust before it showed behind that building, and then when it started illuminating the sky for real. I liked this one best of all the ones I took, because I like the “moonburst” effect – which I wouldn’t have had with a better exposed moon! (Which I also got, a few minutes later, when I was less concerned about the foreground context 🙂 – here it is!

Picture of an almost full moon in the middle of a dark sky.

2022-35 – Water

A black&white photography of a rainy night, as seen from the top of a building.

At the beginning of that week, we had some long-awaited rain. I took a few pictures, thinking “this will at least be a backup shot” and, look at that – it stayed a backup shot (and one I almost forgot to submit on top of that!).
I went for a “noir” B&W post-processing which I thought worked well with the car lighting the raindrops at the bottom.

2022-35 – Peace

Landscape picture. The foreground is green grass; then there's a mountain with a small cable car and sun rays filtering through trees; the background shows the side of a lake ans more mountains in the distance.

We were on holidays last week in Stoos, Switzerland – beautiful place, which also happens to be car-free: the cable car that’s visible on the image is one of the two ways to get up to the village (there’s also a fancy funicular on the other side of the village).
It’s a very serene place, and I thought it would work well for last week’s theme. And, due to holidays: shot and processed on my phone (I also had a camera, but no proper editing computer). There may or may not be more pictures incoming…. as soon as I finish processing them 😉

52Frames – 2021-33 – Night photography

Ideally, for the “Night photography” theme, I would have gone on a walk in the city by night and tried to get a few shots. That didn’t happen, so I took the lazy option of putting the tripod on the balcony and shoot some random starry sky instead. There was a nice little cloud around – and it was going faster than the star, so I kept it because I quite liked the effect on the picture! No, it’s not a UFO 🙂 And it technically counts as Astrophotography, which is the extra credit, so… there’s that!

52Frames – 2020-33 – Night Photography

The theme for 52Frames this week was Night Photography, and I kind of intended to submit some astro (which was actually the extra credit theme) – but since we had a bit of thunderstorm this evening, I took that opportunity instead.

This is a composite of two pictures: I was NOT lucky enough to get both the lightning and such nice car trails at the same time 😉 (Also, the car trails exposure is longer than the lightning one). I must admit that Photoshop made it super easy to combine these two – I just set both my pictures as layers, put a “gimme the lightest” setting on my layers merging, and boom, done 😉 Much easier than I was expecting (I was expecting to have to do that manually).