52Frames – 2021-50 – Black&White Minimalism

The theme for this week’s 52Frames was “Black&White minimalism”, with an extra credit for “Portrait”. When putting these two things together, I knew I wanted to go for something where only the face/elements of the face would be visible. My initial concept was to try to have something where the only visible elements would be a few face features, blurring the rest to white – but it felt kind of hard to pull off. (I might still play with that idea later, but that was not for today!).

Conversely, adding the hands to the portrait feels like it adds something to the composition, compared to not seeing them at all, while keeping with the “minimalist” theme.

Anyway, I took pictures of myself in front of a dark curtain, with a single right pointing at my face (I’ll admit that editing the picture was a bit tough as long as I still had remanent spots in my eyes ;)) and that’s the picture for this week.

52Frames – 2021-27 – Black&White

The theme for this week’s 52Frames was “Black&White”. I’m a bit in a hurry this week because I have other projects I want to progress on, and I have other plans for the week-end too! So I was looking around for a “quick shot” when I realized that the light on the jigsaw puzzle made the pieces much brighter than the mat they were on. So I grabbed my camera, took a few shots, processed one, and TADA! One more week! And that’s halfway through 2021 already… with a streak still going strong (79th week this week!)

52Frames – 2020-51 – Black&White Minimalism

The theme for the penultimate week of the year of 52Frames is “Black&White Minimalism”. I was initially thinking of using my fountain pen (which is black with a black nib) with a large amount of white paper negative space, but I thought the shot would be somewhat more interesting with a sliiiightly bit more elements in the picture. After a few iterations, that’s what I ended up with! Which is probably the most on-the-nose interpretation of the theme I could have come up with, but I quite like the image 🙂