52Frames – 2020-30 – Negative Space

The theme for 52Frames this week was “Negative Space”. There isn’t much of a leap between “Negative Space” and a blank page, and I got myself a new fountain pen this week (first in year, possibly decades) (well. Pilot Parallel Pens don’t really count 🙂 ), so there, a journal blank page with a fountain pen 🙂

52Frames – 2019 Week 06 – Your Desk!

The theme for last week’s 52Frames was “Your Desk!“.

My first idea for the theme was to go for a very literal interpretation of the theme – I have made pictures of my desk in the past, mostly as “before/after” from my usual messy desk to a desk that stays way too ephemerally clean.

Instead, I used my new-ish journaling habit as a source of photographic inspiration: that’s my journal, my color pencils to color “trackers”, my pens to actually write things (I’m a bit in love with the Sign on the right, although it’s maybe a bit thick for my page size), and some brush pens for titles and decoration.

My goal there was to get as close as possible to “that picture makes my brain tingle in a nice way”: turns out, it’s incredibly difficult to achieve perfectly with round pens that tend to roll >_< Maybe I should have called some blu-tack to the rescue.

It must be said that the previous version of this picture was less brain-tingly: the pencils and brush pens were not in the same color order, and the crop was less satisfying. The friend to whom I had shown the first version of the picture noticed the color discrepancy (which was due to a re-ordering of pens according to numbers but not aligning the pencils order :P), so I re-shot and decided for another crop.

Also, I got to use my tripod in horizontal mode, which is always fun 😛

(And yes, the attentive reader will have noticed that this is indeed my gaming table and not my desk. Does that mean I cheated? I think I’m fine 🙂 )