52Frames – 2022-06 – Depth of Field

A purple crocus blossom, isolated by shallow depth of field.

The theme for this week’s 52Frames was “Depth of Field”, with an extra credit (which I claimed) for “f1.4”. I have exactly one lens able to go up to 1.4, and that’s not its best aperture to say the least 😉 (the chromatic aberration is strong there.) But I was still adamant on claiming this extra credit, because I don’t shoot that wide open enough, and I thought it would make a nice training for me 🙂

I had seen on Instagram cloudsnug mentioning he was seeing the first crocuses in his garden – which made me take my camera on a trip to the Arboretum / Rentenwiese, where I had been delighted by early flowers last year. And indeed, there was snowdrops and purple crocuses, so I spent a bit of time trying to catch a reasonable low depth of field picture of them. It was also a good exercise in manual focus training! I will admit that I would have preferred working with either my 50mm macro (instead of my 50mm non-macro) or with my 100mm macro – but I still very much enjoyed the time I spent at the park.

52Frames – 2019 Weeks 12 and 13 – “Old” and “New”

I forgot to post last week’s 52Frames, so I’m doing two posts in one!

This was my entry for “Old“. I bought flowers for another project (and because I wanted flowers), and they wilted (half on purpose because I knew this could work for the “Old” theme. I actually took a bunch of picture of that one, and this one was the one I preferred for that theme. (I have another one that I like a lot and for another theme, but shhhh, it’s still a secret for a few weeks!)

My entry for “New” is definitely in the “consistency shots” category – that is, a wholly uninspired picture that kind of fits the theme, for the sole purpose of not breaking the streak. So: I did not break my streak (this was my 13th week in a row, woo!), and also we have new plates and cutlery 😛