52Frames – 2022-35 – Edited by Someone Else

View over blue/turquoise lakes and green lush mountains with a few clouds and a very blue sky.

This week, 52Frames’ theme was “Edited by someone else” – we had a spreadsheet to sign up, and we could ask other Framers to edit our pictures. I was in Stoos at the beginning of this week, and I was lucky enough to have a few pretty days, during which I captured that image. I sent it to Caleb Levy, who edited the above picture.

I did do more pictures around that area – if you’re interested (with my edits, though, not Caleb’s 😉 ), they’re here: Stoos – August 2022.

52Frames – 2021-16 – Edited by someone else

The “Edited by someone else” is a staple of 52Frames every year: you take a picture, and you leave the creative wheel to someone else for the edits. The “someone else” can be someone you know, or there’s a handy spreadsheet where people put their name and how much they’re willing to edit, and all in all it works very well (I edited for one person, and I asked someone to edit for me).

My picture was edited by Dirk Bergstrom – and I’m happy with what he did with it 😉 I had provided three pictures of the same chocolate cake, thinking he could go with the one he preferred. He was nice enough to provide me with two edits of two different pictures – here’s the other one:

I like it too, but I thought the first one was more intriguing.

And, for the record, with the same base as the first one, this is my own edit:

The whole “Edited by someone else” theme requires a bit more logistic and is somewhat more stressful than the usual 52Frames themes – but I always find the exercise very interesting 🙂

52Frames – 2020-28 – Edited by Someone Else

For 52Frames, this week, the idea was to give up some control and to give a picture to edit to “someone else”. There was a handy sign-up sheet with 52Framers offering their services and what they were willing to work with; my editor for this picture of a pretty rock was Mary Lesh.

I usually work better within a set of constraints; the 52Frames constraints are actually usually slightly too loose for my taste, and without a guiding theme, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do. I considered going outside for a few shots (I noticed a few things I want to get in my camera recently), but my “social budget” for the day was tapped out, so I decided to stay home with my studio.

When it comes to studio, I do like photographing minerals. I also knew that this would give some leeway/freedom to my editor: they could either focus on the details, or take advantage of the space around the rock. And I had this very pretty rock (as far as I can tell, barite & vanadinite?) that hadn’t been in front of my camera yet. This is the image I sent to Mary (exported from RAW to JPG with no settings changed):

CameraPentax K-1 II
Lenssmc PENTAX-D FA 50mm F2.8 Macro
Focal length50mm
Exposure time8 s

I thought it’d be fun to do a parallel edit to see what could be done starting with the same image 🙂 I must say that I was looking for the same kind of crop as Mary sent to me, but for the life of me couldn’t “find” it. So I flipped the image (and not the table) and went for a much closer crop, and ended up with this:

Mary told me she’d left a lot of white space if I wanted to add a quote or something. I must say that I like the idea a lot, and that it had not crossed my mind ever before. Aaaand I do like the white space as it is too.

This was, for me, a very interesting experiment, even starting with a shot as basic as the one I submitted. Thanks Mary for playing that game with me!