52Frames – 2021-16 – Edited by someone else

The “Edited by someone else” is a staple of 52Frames every year: you take a picture, and you leave the creative wheel to someone else for the edits. The “someone else” can be someone you know, or there’s a handy spreadsheet where people put their name and how much they’re willing to edit, and all in all it works very well (I edited for one person, and I asked someone to edit for me).

My picture was edited by Dirk Bergstrom – and I’m happy with what he did with it 😉 I had provided three pictures of the same chocolate cake, thinking he could go with the one he preferred. He was nice enough to provide me with two edits of two different pictures – here’s the other one:

I like it too, but I thought the first one was more intriguing.

And, for the record, with the same base as the first one, this is my own edit:

The whole “Edited by someone else” theme requires a bit more logistic and is somewhat more stressful than the usual 52Frames themes – but I always find the exercise very interesting 🙂

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