Zürich through a crystal ball

For Christmas, I got a crystal ball to use for photography. On Tuesday, the weather was nice, so I went in the city to experiment a bit with it.

First, I went to Lindenhof to get a re-take on my favorite view of the city.

The other side of that view is cool too:

Then I accidentally left my polarizing filter on – but that’s actually pretty cool, look, I’m holding a soap bubble!

And actually, photographing trees through that ball is pretty fun. But hey – I do have a favorite tree in Zürich! What if I visited it? A short tram ride later, here I am – Zürichhorn!

After a few more shots in the vicinity, I found another cool tree when walking back along the lake.

As I walked back to Bellevue, the night fell. Time to take a last one – I did not intend for the whole thing to be out of focus, but I happen to really like the end result 🙂

I took a few more pictures that day (including a heron silhouette!) – they are here: A small walk in Zürich with a crystal ball.

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