52 Frames – 2019 Week 02 – Rule of Thirds

The theme for the second week of the 52Frames project was “Rule of Thirds“. I’ll admit my motivation for this theme was not very high – I considered going the “cheeky” route and take a picture of a third of a pie, but eh. And since it’s the second week, NOT submitting is inconceivable 😉

I knew motivation was going to be low, so when I went for lunch on Thursday and ran into that very pretty snowy tree, I took a bit of time to frame it within the constraints of said rule of thirds with my phone camera, thinking I’d have a backup shot in all cases.

I spent a bit of time doing some post-processing – cleaning up a few spots, removing a piece of road that was a bit ugly, and generally speaking bending the reality a little bit to get a better picture. Re-considering it right now, I’m thinking that maybe I should have removed more snow in the middle and compressed a bit the distances more – so that I would have better “horizontal” thirds.

I can’t say I’m particularly proud of that one – I do find it quite boring; but it’s submitted, it’s within the constraints of the challenge, and that’s all that matters!

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