52Frames – 2021-34 – Texture

The theme for 52Frames this week was Texture. The “regular” thing to do for me would be to grab my macro lens and hunt weird stuff around the house; instead, since I was walking in the city for another contest, I kept the “texture” theme in mind when I was shooting too.

I took this shot around the Viadukt area – I’m a sucker for industrial looks (although I suck at making good pictures of it 😦 ), and I liked the contrast with the stone wall next to it.

52Frames – 2021-33 – Night photography

Ideally, for the “Night photography” theme, I would have gone on a walk in the city by night and tried to get a few shots. That didn’t happen, so I took the lazy option of putting the tripod on the balcony and shoot some random starry sky instead. There was a nice little cloud around – and it was going faster than the star, so I kept it because I quite liked the effect on the picture! No, it’s not a UFO 🙂 And it technically counts as Astrophotography, which is the extra credit, so… there’s that!

52Frames – 2021-32 – Line from a Song

A couple of wooden manikins dancing. They are shown three times in the image (past, present, future; past and future are smaller and fainter); a banner of hearts at the bottom of the image symbolizes the passing of time.

The theme for this week’s 52Frames is a (as far as I remember) yearly favorite (I’ve done it at least once in the past 🙂 ) – “Line from a Song”. There’s technically a generator (and the associated “extra credit” if you take the first sentence from the generator), but this time around I was listening to Leonard Cohen’s Dance Me to the End of Love, and I thought I could do something neat with that. I pretty much had the image in my mind already; I’m not sure it completely matches what I envisioned, but I think it’s actually pretty close.

This picture is a composite of four photographies – the three of the manikins dancing, and the banner (which I made with paper and a marker 😉 ). It took me a while to get “good enough” image cutting (I just ordered a green screen. This should help future endeavors. Hopefully.), and then I played with opacities and whatnot to finally get the image above.

52Frames – 2021-30 – Distorted

Escalators in a mall, where the reflection in the side panel is very distorted and yields interesting curves.

The theme for last week’s 52Frames was “Distorted”. I didn’t have much time to devote to 52Frames this week, but I went to the local mall which happens to host my doctor’s practice. They are currently redoing the whole thing, and the way the mirror below the escalator reflected the lines grabbed my attention. I only had my phone with me, but I snapped a few pictures, and… well, I feel like I’ve submitted worse images to this 52Frames project 🙂

52Frames – 2021-29 – Product photography

The prompt for this week’s 52Frames was “Product photography” – which is definitely an excuse for me to go back to geometry, minimalism, and trying to get a shot as clean as I can get it. Which means that for all the simplicity of this shot, it took a significant amount of trial and error before I got something I was remotely satisfied with!

Also, the pen is my new Stilform fountain pen and it’s pretty and awesome. And pink.

52Frames – 2021-28 – Transportation

Well, that was in extremis. The theme for 52Frames this week was “Transportation”. We were away this week – which, considering the theme, was an unfortunate coincidence, considering the amount of transportation in this city!

But I knew that on our way back there was a way to get at least an unusual shot – even if not a great one, possibly: there’s a Mirage IIIS that’s used as a decoration on one of the freeway rest areas; so I asked that we stopped there explicitly on the way home. We went there, I took a few phone snapshots, we had lunch, and we went home.

And then… I forgot to submit. Thankfully, the Powers That Be were nice enough to allow me a late submission – which means my 80-week streak is not broken. I probably would have edited it if not for that hiccup (I don’t know how, but eh), but as it is, well, it’s straight out of my phone. But, well, I have a Mirage picture 🙂

52Frames – 2021-27 – Black&White

The theme for this week’s 52Frames was “Black&White”. I’m a bit in a hurry this week because I have other projects I want to progress on, and I have other plans for the week-end too! So I was looking around for a “quick shot” when I realized that the light on the jigsaw puzzle made the pieces much brighter than the mat they were on. So I grabbed my camera, took a few shots, processed one, and TADA! One more week! And that’s halfway through 2021 already… with a streak still going strong (79th week this week!)

52Frames – 2021-25 – Macro and 2021-26 – Just Breathe

Two pretty uninspired weeks for the “Macro” and “Just Breathe” themes – I’ve been busy with another project, which makes 52Frames take the backseat for a while – especially since I don’t want to spoil the other project! And getting out of the mindset of the other one to get something in a completely different context is fairly challenging.

For the “Macro” shot, I was lucky: we made fresh spring rolls last week-end, and the cross-section felt like it looked pretty enough to warrant a macro shot.

For the “Just Breathe” theme, I’ll admit this is somewhat of a placeholder shot. We got an advisory of heavy rain, and this was taken a few minutes before the thunder started rolling, at the moment where the air starts to feel colder/lighter and where you can smell the storm arrive – I have a fondness for these moments!

52Frames – 2021-24 – Door

For this week’s 52Frames, the theme was “Door”, with an extra credit for “Tell a story”. I liked playing with the mannikin last week, so I tried that again for this week (hint: this is not the last one you see there 😉 ). I shot in our TV room, placing the mannikin as if she were opening the door just enough to see what’s happening in the room. The major difficulty there was to pose the mannikin – but since she’s, by definition, pretty well articulated, it worked out! I also left her on her stand to take the picture – it’s hidden by her leg, but it kind of dictated the crop… which in retrospect I actually quite like!

52Frames – 2021-23 – Music

Beware, fancy picture! I got a couple of wooden manikins (for my french readers: DES BONHOMMES OCÉDAR) specifically for photographic prop purposes, and I thought it would be a good idea to have a trial run with one of them!

The theme for this week’s 52Frames was “Music”. My first impulse was to have the manikin sitting at the piano somehow – but then I thought it’s be funnier if it were running on it instead. This required some major ‘shopping though, so let me present to you the various steps 🙂

First, get a piano.

Also get a picture of a piano with a key pressed.

Composite these two to get an image of a piano with a key pressed without a finger.

Then, get a manikin.

Fight like hell to get a proper extraction of the manikin from the background. Note to self: next time, reshoot with better background separation, spending that much time on that was definitely avoidable.

Finally, composite, add shadow under the mannikin, crop, color tone the whole thing, be happy. Grumble a bit because Lightroom doesn’t seem to have settings for my lens deformation; play around with the settings, end up with the happy accident of having an overly curved piano, like it, SHIP IT!