52Frames – 2022-28 – Silhouette

A LEGO tractor silhouette against a red/yellow background reminiscent of a sunset

For this week’s 52Frames, the theme was Silhouette, with an extra credit for “Use Studio Lighting”. Since it was studio, it felt “right” to try to find something in my house to photograph and, lo and behold, I have LEGO!

I setup things on the balcony last night after sunset. The light is a couple of Lume cubes, one with a red filter and one with a yellow filter, reflecting light on the white wall of the balcony. The edit was a bit of a pain, because my balcony wall is not smooth and had a line in the middle – the edit is not perfect (I still see shadows of the line), but I’m still happy with it. I’m particularly happy with the light tones, I must say 🙂

52Frames – 2022-24 – Shoot From Above

Agitated glacier water (milky blue/green) next to a rock, shot from above.

Another “opportunity shot” last week for 52Frames’ “Shoot From Above” – we visited the Aareschlucht, and so I snapped a few pictures of the water from the bridge above it. The rest of the day, we also went to Sustenpass; the whole album of that day with Moar Pictures is here: Aareschlucht (Meirigen) / Sustenpass – June 2022.

52Frames – 2022-23 – Triangular composition (and more chocolate!)

Cocoa beans and a wooden tool, looking a bit like a wooden rake, to spread them

We went to the Lindt House of Chocolate last week, so obviously I took my camera with me, and I did know that I had a 52Frames “triangular composition” to take care of, if possible. When I saw that tool – used to spread the beans to dry them – I knew I had a good opportunity for that theme. And indeed, it worked out pretty well.

And, if you’re curious, I have extra pictures of that House of Chocolate 😉 It is, incidentally, absolutely worth the visit: the whole museum is very well made, there’s a lot of information presented in many different ways, and there IS a significant amount of chocolate to be eaten too 😉

52Frames – 2022-22 – Everything in Focus

Droplets of water on a black surface

For last week’s 52Frames, the theme was “Everything in Focus”. While I was not particularly trying to work on that theme, I was playing around with another project yesterday and this one caught my eye for this week’s theme. It’s a bunch of droplets over a black background – which happens to be a tablet screen. It’s not the first time I use my tablet as a black background; usually, I’m more interested in its reflective quality; this time around, I was very happy about the behaviour of my water droplets on it.

52Frames – 2022-21 – Inspired by a photographer

Self-portrait. The woman in the image wears a green t-shirt and has a neutral expression; the picture aspect ratio and style refer to a passport-style picture.

For this week’s 52Frames, the theme was “Inspired with a Photographer”, with an extra credit for “… and do that with the first photographer provided by our randomizer”. The randomizer assigned Thomas Ruff to me. One of his most distinctive work is his Portraits series, where he has a series of large dimensioned portrait captured in a passport-like format, with subjects keeping a neutral expression. So, I did that. His pictures also tend to show details that are not necessarily visible in today’s smoother pictures, which I tried to reproduce on this self-portrait too.

I actually have a significant amount of pictures of myself with that expression on my hard drive, because whenever I setup for a self-portrait, the first pictures kind of look like that, always. Normally it makes me cringe; here, it’s part of the brief. Sooooo it’s not my favorite picture of myself, but it’s what I was going for, so there we go 🙂

52Frames – 2022-20 – Abstract

An abstract picture made of stripes (background) and circles (bubbles floating on top); the bubbles refract the background in colorful ways.

The theme for this week’s 52Frames was “Abstract”, so I took the opportunity to experiment with something I’ve been wanting to play with for a while: water/oil bubbles. I put a bunch of water in a transparent dish, added some oil, put that on top of a colored background – and tried my best to get something that was reasonably focused (to be fair, it’s not GREAT.)

For a quick&dirty experiment (which is a lot of what 52Frames is to me these days), this is pretty satisfying – and this definitely gives me ideas for a future project. To be continued…

52Frames catch-up

My recent 52Frames have felt uninspired and perfunctory – but I still didn’t break my streak, so there is that. However, I’ve been remiss in posting them here – let’s fix that!

2022-17 – Leading Lines

Fork stuck into a cherry tomato, displayed on a wooden board

Not much to say here – I needed leading lines, I got leading lines 😛

2022-18 – Flat lay

Game of Terra Mystica in progress, seen from above.

Flat lay tends to work reasonably well with board games – and we got Terra Mystica out of its box last week-end, so that worked out well 🙂

2022-19 – Architecture

Facade of the Zürich Opera Haus

I happened to be near Bellevue this week-end for the Architecture theme, and I didn’t have a picture of the Opernhaus yet. That is now fixed – although I’d have ideas to get a better picture – once the circus that was behind me is gone, that is 😛

52Frames – 2022-15 – Extreme Close-Up

Close-up of color pencil - you can only see the gripping dots on a palette of pencils that go from pink to blue

The theme for this week’s 52Frames was “Extreme Close-Up”, explicitly not limited to macro. I went for the easy shot of opening a drawer, opening my color pencils case, and taking a picture of that; uninspired, yes, one more week, also yes. (Hoping to get more motivation for photography eventually some time soon!)