52Frames – 2021-19 – ISO100

The theme for 52Frames this week was “ISO100”, with an extra credit for “fully manual”, which I claimed. “ISO100” is typically the kind of theme that doesn’t give me enough constraints to breed creativity; add to it that my motivation this week was pretty low, and this yields a fully uninspired shot, mostly taken to Not Break The Streak.

So here, you get a shot of the clouds over the Uetliberg.

And, consequently, I did not break the streak, and I’ll try to have a better shot next week 😉

52Frames – 2021-18 – Fabric

The theme for 52Frames this week was “Fabric”. I somehow knew exactly what I wanted to do for this topic – I was not expecting that this picture would be so challenging to work with – this was literally headachy! (Don’t stare at it for too long 😛 )

I’ve been wanting to experiment with backgrounds that I could re-use in other pictures and/or play with for different purposes – the “Fabric” topic seemed like a nice fit for that. I took a picture of a striped t-shirt and swirled it in postprocessing; it worked… better than expected, I must say (despite the headache 😛 ). I’m keeping this in mind for future psychedelic backgrounds!

52Frames – 2021-16 – Edited by someone else

The “Edited by someone else” is a staple of 52Frames every year: you take a picture, and you leave the creative wheel to someone else for the edits. The “someone else” can be someone you know, or there’s a handy spreadsheet where people put their name and how much they’re willing to edit, and all in all it works very well (I edited for one person, and I asked someone to edit for me).

My picture was edited by Dirk Bergstrom – and I’m happy with what he did with it 😉 I had provided three pictures of the same chocolate cake, thinking he could go with the one he preferred. He was nice enough to provide me with two edits of two different pictures – here’s the other one:

I like it too, but I thought the first one was more intriguing.

And, for the record, with the same base as the first one, this is my own edit:

The whole “Edited by someone else” theme requires a bit more logistic and is somewhat more stressful than the usual 52Frames themes – but I always find the exercise very interesting 🙂

52Frames – 2021-15 – Trapped

The theme for this week’s 52Frames was “Trapped”. I would expect a lot of conceptually darker images in this album; I decided I didn’t want to do that because my mood really didn’t need that kind of thing right now.

So I played around with the idea of board games – there’s a lot of situations where, as a player, you feel trapped either by previous bad decisions or by bad luck. I was first considering abstract games like go or chess – except I don’t play any of these (and I don’t own boards for them!) Connect4 or Tic-Tac-Toe would have been an option too. A couple of other ideas came to my mind – a player getting its road cut at Ticket to Ride, or a territory getting disconnected at Terra Mystica – but that felt too “niche” to convey the concept to a greater audience.

I settled for Monopoly – and that sinking feeling of “well, I just rolled the pair of dice that sent me to jail”. I don’t particularly enjoy Monopoly, but as concept illustration, it can actually go a long way!

52Frames – 2021-14 – Fast shutter speed

After the “slow shutter speed” of previous week, there was a “fast shutter speed” for last week! (Yeah, I’m a bit late posting.) The secondary theme was “drip water photography”, so that’s what I did. I must admit I put in far less effort than in last year’s picture with that theme – I did want to try things out with a black background, but I didn’t have much time or motivation to do it well. In particular, I’ve been quite lazy with lights – and using the flash may have been counter productive there because the flash sync speed is pretty slow!

But, anyway – I got the picture; I’ll need to play with that again at some point – but better. Probably next year when that theme comes around again 😉

52Frames – 2021-13 – Fast shutter speed

Another 52Frames where the extra credit, “Rear Curtain Sync”, made me experiment with my flash 🙂 The theme was “Slow shutter speed”, and the idea of the “rear curtain sync” is to have the flash sync just before the shutter stops. Hence, you can see the movement of the object, and the end of the movement “frozen” by the flash.

It took me a while to find something that would work – I experimented with playing cards and (not exactly seriously, but for Science™ purposes) with me dancing in front of the camera until I got the idea of a pendulum (“that would work okay”) and got the idea of using some of my sparkly pendants (which I had bought from Kit Rocha’s Market Square) to get the image. And, after a few tries (and moving in front of a dark background instead of a white one), I got the image I submitted (above).

I also processed a couple of outtakes:

I liked the streaks on that first one better, but the pendant itself felt more distracting, especially with the reflection of the flash. The second one I’m… almost regretting not choosing for my entry – I only processed it this morning, and after processing I think it may be better. However, the pendant in the middle is really not sharp enough to my taste (I think it’s a focus issue more than a movement issue, which sucks).

Still, it was nice experimenting – and I’m particularly proud of these because it was almost a break of my (now) 65-week streak (and now that I have passed 64, I have no choice but to continue to 128, right?)

52Frames – 2021-12 – Window light

The theme for 52Frames this week was “Window Light”, with an extra credit for “Use a mirror”. I went to the kitchen trying to have a look at where I could setup a small mirror to try to get something that’s unmistakably inside, but that would reflect the world outside the window. And I ran into… my Kenwood, which happens to have a very nicely reflective metallic bowl.

And it’s doubly great: because of the curved surface, there’s actually A Lot of angle in that picture, and the majority of my windows in that room are actually visible!

52Frames catchup

I’ve had a few weeks where I took and submitted my 52Frames picture, but I didn’t make a blog post here – so I’m going to do that now to catch up 🙂

2021-07 – Golden Hour

I snagged this one with my phone during a short walk that happened, well, close enough to Golden Hour to make it work for the theme – I liked the light on top of the Uetliberg 🙂

2021-08 – Roll Credits

I wasn’t particularly inspired by the “Roll Credits” prompt; my husband made some almond cakes that week, and I took a few shots as we were eating them (with my phone as well); and I processed it with a strong vignette to give the idea of a gradual radial fade to black.

2021-09 – Details

Looking for details, my eyes fell on the bookmarks of my journal, and I thought it would be a nice detail – I still have a fair amount of white pages in this one!

2021-10 – Negative Space

When it comes to negative space, having something with an interesting shape feels key for me; I zeroed in on the idea of the bread knife pretty quickly. I used a strong light to reflect on the blade to get a sharp (pun intended, of course) contrast – it took a few attempts, and significant processing to get the background black – it was more reflective than I expected… but I ended up being happy with the result.

52Frames – 2021-11 – Color Relationship

This week’s 52Frames had the theme “Color Relationship”, and an extra credit for “Harris Shutter Effect”. I had no idea what that was – so I looked into that 😉 The Harris Shutter Effect is obtained by multiple exposures taken through multiple color filters. In today’s world, it’s easier to achieve that in post-processing – I took multiple pictures, and combined three of them after having extracted the red, green and blue channels. (And then I processed the resulting shot.)

This was a super fun thing to experiment with – and it allowed me to play a bit with my external flash, which is not seeing a lot of action in general 😉 And I find the result pretty fun too! I kind of want to experiment more with it now 😉

52Frames – 2021-06 – Single Point of Focus

The theme for 52Frames for week 06 was “Single point of focus”. I planted some thyme, basil and parsley in a small apartment garden thingy – and it just started sprouting this week, which I felt made for a nice single point of focus picture! So here, enjoy a bit of thyme. Or, more precisely, let’s wait a bit before we enjoy a bit of thyme 😉