52Frames – 2020-46 – Mobile Phone

The theme for 52Frames last week was “Mobile Phone”. My camera was in service for most of the week – great timing ;), but I snagged that one on my way back from fetching it from the shop after it got repaired. The contrats between the green traffic lights and the red cars (and their reflections on the tunnel walls) was what initially caught my eye, but I like how there’s multiple, very different sources of light on this picture 🙂

In a sense, this is not a picture that showcases where a phone camera may be particularly strong; in another, well, I did have my DSLR with me, but no lens or memory card, and my eye did get caught by the lights – so it was a case of “the best camera is the one you have with you” 🙂

52Frames – 2020-45 – Signs

Two things happened:

  • I broke the viewfinder on my DSLR, which means it’s currently in service (and that’s going to last for at least a few more weeks 😦 ) (But it should come back with a clean sensor to, so there’s that!)
  • I got a very, VERY busy week at work, leaving me with no time and very little creative energy.

Hence: for “Signs”, you get a phone picture of the LEGO signs from my husband’s collection 🙂 And I broke one 😦 The plastic is old and brittle…. and it never was the sturdiest LEGO part either…

52Frames – 2020-43 – Reflections

I knew I wouldn’t have much opportunity to take my 52Frames picture this week, so this one is kind of placeholder. The theme was Reflections, with “Mirror” as extra credit – which I claimed. We were traveling by car earlier this week (a fairly rare thing), and I snapped this on the Autobahn. And, for a phone snapshot without edit, I think I got lucky. The electric lines that lead to the mirror feel PARTICULARLY lucky.

It’s not a great or even a good shot, but it’s a shot, I still have my streak, and getting closer and closer to get the full streak for 2020, which would be nice 🙂

52Frames – 2020-42 – Food photography

The theme for this week’s 52Frames was Food photography. I used to do quite a lot of food/kitchen photography-related photography a few years ago; I don’t do it nearly as much now, but I still have some taste (pun intended) for it.

I knew that there would be baking this week-end (it’s my husband’s birthday 😉 ), so I waited for that and followed him in the kitchen with my camera. When it comes to food photography, I always preferred the “action” shots to the “food stylist” pictures – less pretty, for sure, but more realistic 😉

The light in the kitchen this afternoon was fairly bad – although we have great natural light in this room, the weather is pretty gloomy, and our lighting is not up to photography tasks, and I got wayyyy to lazy to add some proper lights in the way of the baking (for which I wasn’t responsible!). I’m still quite happy with the overall mood I managed to get with that shot – and I like the texture of the pie. It’s not an AMAZING picture, but I don’t hate it 😉

52Frames – 2020-41 – Shoot through

My initial plan was to try and go on a walk, possibly with my crystal ball, for the “Shoot Through” theme. But I’ve been quite busy this week and this week-end, and ended up without having shot anything on Sunday evening. Thankfully, I have LEGO 😉 The shot started with having a look at a minifig and a transparent pane – and getting the idea of the counter/window. From there, it took me a little time to figure out the right heights and the right construct, and to think of adding a ceiling to the scene (which is not very visible, but it looked weird without it – the construction and the setup were definitely longer than the camera time 😉

52Frames – 2020-40 – Blue

The theme for 52Frames this week was Blue. I tried different approaches but they were either not looking good or not blue enough; I’m not suuuuper convinced by this shot, but this is the best I have and I was out of ideas to make it better. So, there, have some curaçao.

And yes, I bought a bottle of curaçao because this week’s theme was Blue.

52Frames – 2020-39 – Use a Tripod

The theme for 52Frames this week was “Use a Tripod”, with a side of “Create a composite”. Since I started using the Adobe tools, I hadn’t tested the focus stacking yet – so I fixed that.

This image is a composite of 40 exposures – taken, as expected, with a tripod and fixed exposure. The whole process of “importing/aligning/stacking” was handled by Photoshop in a very satisfying and automatic manner – I love it when a plan comes together. It did take a few minutes for each step, but for 40 high-res, non-compressed, frames, I would have half expected the whole thing to crash violently, so… I’ll absolutely take that 🙂

The stacked image made deeply and painfully obvious that I had been more than sloppy with preparing my background: it was VERY dusty. Nothing that was not fixable with fairly minimal effort, though.

And there, we have (focus-)stacks of coins!

52Frames – 2020-38 – A Chair

The theme for 52Frames this week was A Chair. I’ll admit this is mostly a “placeholder shot” – took it today after 6PM “urgh, haven’t done 52Frames yet, I need to fix that”. We got a couple of balcony chairs since last year (and congratulating ourselves for them every day 😉 ); since they have a meshy texture, I thought it could be fun to take a picture of one through the second one. And, there.

52Frames – 2020-37 – Single Focal Point

The theme for 52Frames this week was Single Focal Point, with an extra credit of f/1.4. Pierre made some pie this afternoon – so I took the liberty of bothering him with my camera while he was doing that.

Since I wanted the extra credit, I took my only lens that’s able to open to f/1.4, which is a non-macro 50mm, which made focusing somewhat difficult: I have been shooting with a macro lens a lot lately, and this one has a much longer focusing distance! But eventually, I got there.

I ended up taking 300 pictures – and the one I chose was the last one 😉 So I guess I’m titling this one “Finishing touch” – that’s the last piece of pear that goes on that pie! Oh, and if you want the recipe for the pie, my husband wrote it down 15 years ago in French here: Tarte poire / frangipane / chocolat 😉