52Frames – 2022-28 – Silhouette

A LEGO tractor silhouette against a red/yellow background reminiscent of a sunset

For this week’s 52Frames, the theme was Silhouette, with an extra credit for “Use Studio Lighting”. Since it was studio, it felt “right” to try to find something in my house to photograph and, lo and behold, I have LEGO!

I setup things on the balcony last night after sunset. The light is a couple of Lume cubes, one with a red filter and one with a yellow filter, reflecting light on the white wall of the balcony. The edit was a bit of a pain, because my balcony wall is not smooth and had a line in the middle – the edit is not perfect (I still see shadows of the line), but I’m still happy with it. I’m particularly happy with the light tones, I must say 🙂

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