52Frames – 2022-23 – Triangular composition (and more chocolate!)

Cocoa beans and a wooden tool, looking a bit like a wooden rake, to spread them

We went to the Lindt House of Chocolate last week, so obviously I took my camera with me, and I did know that I had a 52Frames “triangular composition” to take care of, if possible. When I saw that tool – used to spread the beans to dry them – I knew I had a good opportunity for that theme. And indeed, it worked out pretty well.

And, if you’re curious, I have extra pictures of that House of Chocolate 😉 It is, incidentally, absolutely worth the visit: the whole museum is very well made, there’s a lot of information presented in many different ways, and there IS a significant amount of chocolate to be eaten too 😉

52Frames – 2020-18 – Low-key

The theme for 52Frames this week was “low-key”. I kind of wanted to take a low-key portrait of myself – it would have been a nice complement to last week’s high-key portrait; but my regular black curtain currently has a desk in front of it (so that makes it more awkward to work with), and….. I got lazy.

Thankfully, my husband is NOT lazy, and he made some delicious peanut butter chocolates today. And is there anything better than dark chocolate for a low-key theme? I don’t think so. So, there: chocolate.