52Frames catch-up

My recent 52Frames have felt uninspired and perfunctory – but I still didn’t break my streak, so there is that. However, I’ve been remiss in posting them here – let’s fix that!

2022-17 – Leading Lines

Fork stuck into a cherry tomato, displayed on a wooden board

Not much to say here – I needed leading lines, I got leading lines 😛

2022-18 – Flat lay

Game of Terra Mystica in progress, seen from above.

Flat lay tends to work reasonably well with board games – and we got Terra Mystica out of its box last week-end, so that worked out well 🙂

2022-19 – Architecture

Facade of the Zürich Opera Haus

I happened to be near Bellevue this week-end for the Architecture theme, and I didn’t have a picture of the Opernhaus yet. That is now fixed – although I’d have ideas to get a better picture – once the circus that was behind me is gone, that is 😛

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