52Frames – 2022-31 – Choose a color

A bunch of blue stuff on a blue blanket. From left to right and top to bottom: a bowl, a rum metallic cover "Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum", a piece of agate, a pencil case, a d20 showing number 13, a Labello stick, four Fate dice showing a minus, two plusses and a blank, a LEGO woman conductor minifig, a pencil sharpener, a LEGO Technic figurine, the back of a jigsaw piece, a Meeple, a Star Trek D20 showing a Star Trek logo, a 100CHF bill, a box of Kaweco blue ink, a Space Marine Funko Pop toy, a plastic box lid, and a stupid looking gopher Go mascot plush.

The theme for this week’s 52Frames was “Choose a color”. There was an extra credit for “Use a generator”, but the generator gave me “agate grey”, which felt uninspiring (but I still got a piece of agate in here!).

I chose “Blue, first because I was considering using my blue desk mat as a background – but then it’s more aqua than blue, so I used my blanket instead. And I gathered a bunch of blue stuff around the house – including, obviously, one of the infamous blue bowls!

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