#52Frames – 2022-47 and 2022-48

2022-47: Wabi-Sabi

A dry bromeliad flower over a black background. It has a large, curly, dry leaf texture.

Last week’s theme was “Wabi-sabi” – I had been procrastinating removing the dried flower from my bromeliad; I finally did it, and I immortalized it in this picture. It’s taken on my kitchen countertop, which has the nice idea of being black enough; there was a reflection that I tried to use, but to no avail; so I went for the fully black background instead.

2022-48 – Animals

Pairs of wooden animals aligned as if they are queuing. From front to back: tiny camels, sheep, pigs, cows, donkeys, horses and elephants.

And the theme for this week was “Animals”. There was a clear expectation of, well, live animals, but that was not happening on a Sunday evening at 21:00. But, thankfully, I have board games. Somehow I went for a Noah’s Ark theme – because that made me smile. And, interestingly enough, I got two pictures in a row with opposite backgrounds and opposite diagonals!