#52Frames – 2022-46 – Food

Close-up of food: hummus, falafel, various salads, baba ganoush, grilled halloumi cheese and cheese in fried phyllo

The theme for this week’s 52Frames was “Food”. I knew that what we’d order on Friday night would probably be the most appetizing/colorful food of the week, so I took a few pictures, despite not having any kind of natural light, and being too hungry to set up proper lighting. In all fairness, I had setup some Lume cubes on my Platypod, and then I saw I hadn’t put them in the right holes to be able to raise the Platypod, and I ended up shooting holding my camera by hand.

Despite the dire lack of proper light, I’m not too grumpy with this picture – I think I did a reasonable job with colors in post and, while it’s not great, it’s… decent. And that was some very tasty food too 🙂

52Frames – 2020-42 – Food photography

The theme for this week’s 52Frames was Food photography. I used to do quite a lot of food/kitchen photography-related photography a few years ago; I don’t do it nearly as much now, but I still have some taste (pun intended) for it.

I knew that there would be baking this week-end (it’s my husband’s birthday 😉 ), so I waited for that and followed him in the kitchen with my camera. When it comes to food photography, I always preferred the “action” shots to the “food stylist” pictures – less pretty, for sure, but more realistic 😉

The light in the kitchen this afternoon was fairly bad – although we have great natural light in this room, the weather is pretty gloomy, and our lighting is not up to photography tasks, and I got wayyyy to lazy to add some proper lights in the way of the baking (for which I wasn’t responsible!). I’m still quite happy with the overall mood I managed to get with that shot – and I like the texture of the pie. It’s not an AMAZING picture, but I don’t hate it 😉