Cool stuff

Halting [image, comic] – because never not post halting problem comics.

Why Gen Z Loves Closed Captioning [text] – as someone who will rarely watch TV, even in French, without closed captioning (and my hearing is fine, I had it tested ;)), I can relate to that a lot 🙂

Aeon’s End: A Functional Review [text] – a game review that made me curious about a game I may have dismissed otherwise. I still don’t think this would be the game for me, but now I kind of want to play it.

How To: Absurd Scientific Advice for Common Real-World Problems [text] – woo, Randall Munroe just announced a new book!

DIY Miniature Modern Party Home (with Real Swimming Pool) – I got fascinated by the assembling of this miniature 🙂 (And there’s a whole channel of it!)

How colliding blocks act like a beam of light…to compute pi – the third video in the series I started talking about in a previous Cool Stuff post.

Someone clever once said women were not allowed pockets [text + images] – it IS quite obvious that pockets in women jeans suck, but now there’s DATA. (And this is why I’ll continue shopping for jeans in the men’s section. Well, that and stretchy fabric. Brr.)

it all started with a big bang [text] – Wil Wheaton talks about his time on The Big Bang Theory, and it’s nice and wholesome and good.

What happened to Limit on Jaina? [text] – one of the major World of Warcraft raiding guilds got beaten on the latest raid for “first guild to finish the raid”, and they explain how that happened. I’m pretty fascinated by the “problem-solving” that goes behind the scenes of being the first players to discover the content and write the strategy guide for it 🙂

Invisible formatting [image, comic] – too real, XKCD, too real.

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