Cool stuff

Ernő Rubik: The Cube Represents Man as a Thinking Being [text] – an interview of Ernő Rubik, from Rubik’s Cube fame.

I ordered a box of crickets from the Internet, and it went about as well as you’d expect [text] – well, exactly what the title says. Beware: live crickets.

What Life Is Like When Corn Is off the Table [text] – an article that describes what it’s like to be severely allergic to corn (apparently it’s a thing). Particularly fascinating for the amount of stuff in which corn can sneak… (Apparently, it’s also way more prominent in the US. Still: color me fascinated.)

Laws and Sausages – The Electoral College [comic, multiple pages] – To quote them, “The goal of Laws and Sausages is to be a comic about politics, without the politics. […] We aim to be the civics education you either never got or chose to ignore.” And it’s also educational for people outside the US 😉 The latest episode explains the electoral college.

Warhammer 40,000 Funko Pop! Figures [images + text] – Sooo. I’m not a fan of Funko Pop! aesthetics in general. When I first clicked on that link, I was half-expecting an April’s Fools joke. And now… I kind of REALLY WANT a Funko Pop! UltraMarine. And I’m obviously waiting for the Orks. And there’s a few earlier drawings and thought process at the bottom of the article, which is always nice.

Lunar Eclipse over Cologne Cathedral [photo] – a pretty cool composite of this week’s lunar eclipse.

The most unexpected answer to a counting puzzle – now THIS is probably the coolest thing of the week (and we’re only Tuesday at the time I write this). It starts with “okay, consider two blocks that move on a friction-less plane along a wall and let’s count the total number of collisions”. And I’m not going to spoil it, because that wouldn’t be fun. And then the next video in the series (don’t look at the title to avoid spoilers 😉 ) explains the math behind it and it’s even cooler. And the person doing these videos promises an even-even cooler explanation for the third video. I can’t wait 😀

​Shooting to kill – how many men can do this? – this one is interesting and somewhat disturbing. It explains how hard it is for most of the human population to actually pull the trigger in a war context, and how it’s apparently feasible to train them so that’s it’s easier. And asks the question of what happens to these people when they’re back to civilian life.

Marble Marcher – A Fractal Physics Game – some stuff about collision handling with a fractal-generated terrain.

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