52frames – 2019 Week 05 – Dirty

Now 52Frames had a pretty tough theme – “Dirty“… I had a few ideas before this one, but I ended up liking the idea of the running mascara (which actually never happened to me, because… I rarely wear mascara :P)

I started experimenting in front of the mirror by putting some mascara on and dropping some water from above my eye. I actually got a half-decent result, realized I hadn’t set up my equipment yet (oops), ended up setting up a tripod (including screwing the fast release plate on the camera) with one eye closed because it was stinging a bit by then…

I repeated the “mascara + water” operation a few times and took a fair amount of shots before I decided for that one – I’m not necessarily super-happy with the mascara run itself there, but I liked it better than the others when it came to expression and sharpness.

Post-processing was mainly cropping, de-saturating a bit and playing with various cursors here and there 😛

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