Scavenger Hunt #34 – Texture

Rows of chocolate truffles

My goal with Hunt 34 was to do something closer to a “real” Scavenger Hunt and to take all my shots outside in the city. I have a mix of “found shots” and “places I know where I’ll be able to take a shot” for this round, and that felt pretty good. I also have a new, more compact camera than my Pentax “monster” – so I also wanted the opportunity to shoot with it more and get more comfortable with it: my other goal for this Hunt was “everything shot with the Fuji”.

“Texture” was definitely in that second category of “I know where I’m getting that” of shots. Well, first I had to come up with the idea (and what better idea than “chocolate” to represent Zürich as a texture?), but once I had it, I knew… because I made a similar shot five years ago:

Other rows of chocolate

These pictures are taken at Teuscher, which has a spectacular display – and that I hadn’t tasted yet. Well, I took the pictures on a Saturday instead of a Sunday for the first one, so this time I actually pushed their door to get a small of truffles, got out with a large box of truffles, a little one and a bag of salted butter caramels – oooops. Totally worth it, though, everything was delicious. I see why they are well-regarded as one of the best addresses in Zürich, Switzerland and the world.

Photography-wise, since I knew what I wanted to do, I also knew I needed a polarizing filter – so that’s my first post-Fuji-buy equipment investment, because OF COURSE I have 3 or 4 polarizing filters already but the Fuji lens’ diameter is not compatible.

Since I wanted “texture”, it kind of meant trying to have as little distractions as possible on the image – in particular avoiding the display shelf line of the pictures 5 years ago. I didn’t take as many shots as I would have liked because it was Saturday an the shop was open and I felt self-conscious, but I still managed to get something I could work with:

Rows of chocolate truffles, before cropping and processing.
CameraFujifilm X-30 II
LensFujinon XF 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR
Focal length56 mm
Exposure time1/25s

The complete Scavenger album is available here: the Texture album.

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