Scavenger Hunt #30 – Wheel

The “Wheel” topic was not particularly inspiring to me. I thought about a color wheel (an idea I had played with for the Paper Abstract theme and I didn’t feel like trying again), a Ferris wheel (that’s not much of a thing right now), doing cartwheels (I have no idea who I could ask to model that – for sure I can’t self-portrait there)…

I passed by a bike shed on a walk, so I snagged a few shots. It was almost empty: it was the shed of the local mall, on a Sunday, at a time where nothing was supposed to be opened (and yet for some reason Starbucks was… no idea how.) I still felt somewhat self-conscious taking pictures of what I knew was a fairly uninspiring subject, and taking them in an uninspiring way too! But hey, I got a shot, so there’s that.

CameraPentax K-1 II
LensPentax D FA 24-70mm F2.8
Focal length24mm
Exposure time1/25 s

The edit was straightforward: a bit of crop, exposure correction, I went for a warmer/yellower coloring because it felt better; I also removed the pedal on the right that felt distracting (after pondering if it could make sense to not have it there 🙂 ). And bam, an uninspiring, but very much in theme, picture for Wheel.

And for the images of my fellow Scavengers: the Wheel album.

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