Scavenger Hunt #28 – Paper Abstract

The Paper Abstract theme got significantly easier when I remembered I had a fair amount of origami paper somewhere in a drawer. I had started trying to organize them along the rainbow, but the colors I had were not exactly right for that.

Then I built some color wheel type of thing, and it worked somewhat better, because I could work by what “felt” close more than what “should be” close in the context of the rainbow. And then came the assembly. I didn’t know at this time where I was going or what I was doing – the “circular” thing appealed to me, and initially I was going for some kind of wheel or half-wheel kind of picture. So for the assembly, well, I worked around accordion shapes by folding each color and using the folds to carry my structure.

The first images were made with only the folds holding the structure; at some point I got tired of swearing every time it broke, so I added a drop of glue between every pair of sheets of paper to hold them in place. Less creative flexibility, better mood 😉

And then, basically, I played with my accordion of colors and with some lights and my camera. I ended up liking a few details of a particular picture, namely the light reflection and the curve of the tiny hole at the base of the image, and that became my submission for this theme. This is the original picture, with only minor RAW development operations:

CameraPentax K-1 II
Lenssmc PENTAX-D FA 50mm F2.8 Macro
Focal length50mm
Exposure time1/80 s

Since this was an abstract, I started playing with different orientations of the picture – and liked the one I submitted best. Edits apart from that were pretty straightforward and more “RAW developing” than “real” edits in my view.

For more interpretations of the theme, see the Paper Abstract Scavenger album!

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