Scavenger Hunt #30 – Count

The word “Count” of the 30th Scavenger Hunt list was, I think, the first one where I knew where I wanted to go – and obviously I went to Count Dracula. I usually pose for my portrait work, but for that one I definitely wanted a male model – and my husband gracefully accepted to pose for me 😉

This probably felt more like a theater endeavour than a photography one! We got him in a shirt (mandatory), I fought with cufflinks (cufflinks make no sense), we poured some cherry juice (“surprisingly not wine”) into a somewhat-chalice-looking beer glass (Kasteel, if you’re wondering), and I recycled the piece of fabric I use whenever I need a portable black background into a cape thanks to a safety pin. A bit of fiddling with the lights (I think this ended up being a white light top right and a Lume cube with a red filter bottom left), and voilà, we have a decent base for Dracula!

CameraPentax K-1 II
LensPentax D FA 24-70mm F2.8
Focal length36mm
Exposure time1/5 s

Processing involved the standard light, color and crop adjustment, as well as adding pointy teeth – who would believe in a toothless Dracula? I also fixed the “cape” because my black fabric doesn’t have a proper hem and is quite fringey 😉 All in all, I’m very happy with the result – it was also the first time I tried to “direct a model” – “Show me more teeth!” 🙂

And, for the pictures of my Scavenger fellows: the Count album!

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