Scavenger Hunt #30 – Positive Space

The reveals for the 30th Scavenger Hunt start with the “Positive Space” album. “Negative space”, as a photography or composition tool, is a well-known concept. “Positive space” definitely got my brain gears stuck for the first few days/weeks that we had the list for this round. My initial train of thought was to go in the direction of a “filling the frame” picture; or to go in a completely different direction with a space that would happen to be positive (but no idea how to convey that properly).

And then we went for a walk with my husband, and we sat on a bench, and when I looked above me, I saw… that.

And it felt like such a good fit for the theme that I took a couple of pictures with my phone, and I kind of knew that I would submit the picture. It felt like it was the precise meaning I wanted to convey with this word, without being able to put my finger on it – but seeing the image, it got better. And while I’d define negative space as “the interesting shape of the space left by an object”, I’ll put “the interesting shape of the space taken by an object” as “my” definition for positive space – and that’s exactly what this picture is for me.

CameraPixel 3a
Focal length4mm
Exposure time1/100 s

The processing was pretty straightforward – I didn’t even have to crop much, and it was mostly a matter of making things more contrasted/striking (hence the choice of B&W).

For all the interpretations of the word from my fellow Scavengers: Positive Space album.

One thought on “Scavenger Hunt #30 – Positive Space

  1. oh I get it now! I guess I didn’t understand where the negative space was suppose to create a shape! I am continuing to learn! Thank you for sharing!


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