Scavenger Hunt #30 – Positive Space

The reveals for the 30th Scavenger Hunt start with the “Positive Space” album. “Negative space”, as a photography or composition tool, is a well-known concept. “Positive space” definitely got my brain gears stuck for the first few days/weeks that we had the list for this round. My initial train of thought was to go in the direction of a “filling the frame” picture; or to go in a completely different direction with a space that would happen to be positive (but no idea how to convey that properly).

And then we went for a walk with my husband, and we sat on a bench, and when I looked above me, I saw… that.

And it felt like such a good fit for the theme that I took a couple of pictures with my phone, and I kind of knew that I would submit the picture. It felt like it was the precise meaning I wanted to convey with this word, without being able to put my finger on it – but seeing the image, it got better. And while I’d define negative space as “the interesting shape of the space left by an object”, I’ll put “the interesting shape of the space taken by an object” as “my” definition for positive space – and that’s exactly what this picture is for me.

CameraPixel 3a
Focal length4mm
Exposure time1/100 s

The processing was pretty straightforward – I didn’t even have to crop much, and it was mostly a matter of making things more contrasted/striking (hence the choice of B&W).

For all the interpretations of the word from my fellow Scavengers: Positive Space album.

52Frames – 2021-04 – Water

The theme for 52Frames this week was “Water”. I made some vegetable broth yesterday, and the combination of a very full pot and a glass lid ended up being quite fascinating… and allowing for shots of boiling water without lens fog 🙂 I took a fair amount of them, and ended up liking the abstract of this one most – so that’s what I submitted for the challenge 🙂

(The broth ended in broccoli soup which was delicious 🙂 )

52Frames – 2021-03 – Get Low

The Sudden Appearance of Snow

The theme for 52Frames this week was to “Get Low”. That would typically be the kind of theme that would make me take my camera on a walk and try to get familiar places shot from another angle. But it snowed pretty heavily in the past few days – we got more than 20 cm of it, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen that much snow in the city! While it’s still a very reasonable amount of snow compared to other places in the world, going for a walk on slippery surfaces lugging a fairly expensive camera that already went in service a few months ago seemed like a Bad Idea™. So I stayed home, and looked at the snow on my balcony.

It turns out that said balcony is partly protected by a bit of roof, and that the snow distribution showed it very well. My first pictures were of the snowed-in balcony chairs (which look exactly like a miniature car under the snow…), but I ended up going for a more abstract shot that showed the texture of the snow better.

And I even claimed the extra credit “Leading Lines”, because, well, I accidentally got one in the shot 😉

52Frames – 2021-01 – Self-portrait

Well, I officially managed to do a 52-week streak of 52Frames in 2020, how about we try to do that again in 2021?

The theme for the first week of the year is, as usual, “Self-portrait”. My first impulse was to go for a standard portrait headshot; I decided against it and went for a more “candid” approach – although this picture is anything but! (It involved a tripod, a remote, and moving around a bit of furniture…).

But hey, I got a shot (and considering my motivation today, that counts as a very large achievement.) Also, just for the ad, my mug comes from Robin Grigg Wood’s Redbubble and I like it a lot, so there’s that.

52Frames – 2020-52 – 2020 in a Photo

Obviously, for the 52Frames theme “2020 in a Photo”, my first impulse was to take a picture with a mask and my surgery scar. It felt trite, and not necessarily what I needed to remember either (because I will anyway).

This year was also the first year we’re not visiting family for the end of the year festivities. As an almost direct consequence, this is also the first year we have a Christmas tree in our home. We also made a bunch of sweets, because it’s Christmas 😉

And there was a distinct need for coziness too – which means that we recently got a couple of armchairs, and we replaced the bulb sockets in the living room by proper light fixtures – dimmable and color-controllable.

This was a weird year; this was an unusual Christmas. Not everything was bad about that (well, I even had a very couple of Christmas days 🙂 ). And for the first year ever, I did 52 weeks of 52Frames.

52Frames – 2020-51 – Black&White Minimalism

The theme for the penultimate week of the year of 52Frames is “Black&White Minimalism”. I was initially thinking of using my fountain pen (which is black with a black nib) with a large amount of white paper negative space, but I thought the shot would be somewhat more interesting with a sliiiightly bit more elements in the picture. After a few iterations, that’s what I ended up with! Which is probably the most on-the-nose interpretation of the theme I could have come up with, but I quite like the image 🙂

52Frames – 2020-48 – Nature

Another early-ish submission for 52Frames this week – I’m getting surgery tomorrow, and while I should be back home the day after that, I’m not risking my 48-week streak 😉

The theme was “Nature”; my initial plan was to go on a walk, but the combination of gloomy weather and a new World of Warcraft expansion foiled that plan 😉 Luckily, despite living on the 5th floor with a concrete balcony, “life…. finds a way”, and I have more than a few things growing between the stone slabs of said balcony.

It was also an opportunity to test my brand new Platypod setup – I did need a support considering the late hour and low light, and the flower was definitely too low to be able to get something with a standard tripod – Platypod to the rescue! It worked well, but turning the knobs of the tripod head was kind of awkward, and I had messed up the place of a screw, which made putting the fourth foot of the plate impossible without getting tools (and I got lazy). So this was actually a real tripod 😉 And that’s a good thing too, since the extra-credit was for “Use a tripod”, so, there, check 🙂

52Frames – 2020-47 – Circle

I was in Winterthur for a German certification exam this week and, since I had a very large break between the written and the spoken part, I took my camera with me. I didn’t take many pictures, but I knew I wanted to try to get something for the “Circle” challenge.

The building first caught my eye because it had circular reliefs – which, upon approach, ended up being disappointing. But there was also a traffic light with a circular mirror that reflected said building, and I was very happy to catch that!

I must have looked a bit awkward, taking pictures of a traffic light – but I don’t care, I actually like the picture very much 🙂