Scavenger Hunt #37 – Roots

The formulas "sqrt(3) = 1.732" and "sqrt(7) = 2.645", written with pink ink on overlapping sheets of paper, and where the square root signs are not written, but mimed by wooden manikins lying on the paper.

For the Scavenger Hunt #37, I revisited the theme I had used in Scavenger Hunt #32 – the wooden manikins are back!

The “Roots” image is the one where I expect the most “… I don’t get it”. I considered tree roots, hair roots – I had a vague concept for tree roots but that would be hell to process in the very little time I had left, and hair roots felt difficult to pull off with bald manikins (I do NOT have fond memories of making Spaghetti behave long enough to take pictures!). And then… square roots. Well well well! I could work with that!

I first posed both manikins in “square-root” shapes (… as best as I could – these are NOT the most flexible models). I initially wanted to use a single sheet of paper to give the rest of the context, but I had a scale issue, so I embraced the multiple sheets and made them as visible as I could. And then, square root of 3 is roughly 1.372 and square root of 7 is roughly 2.645, so I picked my prettiest pink pen and made that happen.

Shooting from above was a bit of an ordeal (and involved climbing on a chair with my camera, which I normally try to avoid.)

An unedited version of the previous image, showing manikins miming square root signs, uncropped and very underexposed.
CameraPentax K-1 II
LensPentax D FA 24-70mm F2.8
Focal length33mm
Exposure time1/60 s

Processing was mostly straightforward – make the sheet rectangular, crop, fix exposure, done.

The pictures from my fellow Scavengers are here: Roots.

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