Scavenger Hunt #37 – Tape

Two wooden manikins on all fours, busy rewinding a VHS tape in front of a TV showing an "end of programmes" test card.

For the Scavenger Hunt #37, I revisited the theme I had used in Scavenger Hunt #32 – the wooden manikins are back!

The word “Tape” is the one for which I went through the most different concepts over the timeframe of the Hunt. I started thinking about putting tape on a gift to close it; same thing with a moving box; I considered an audio tape (but I don’t think I have any in the apartment), I did A Lot of attempts at making a measuring tape work (either as “measuring furniture” or “tailor measurements”… nothing quite worked. And then, I remembered that I had a VHS tape somewhere!! (This tape is coming from 3D Construction Kit, for which we have a box… containing said intro video tape.)

I had the “rewinding” notion early on, but I added the blue blanket and the “end of programmes” image on the TV/tablet behind after a few first takes to help sell the “rewinding the video rental after having watched it” – how 90s of me.

A very underexposed and uncropped version of the previous image of manikins rewinding a VHS tape.
CameraPentax K-1 II
LensPentax D FA 24-70mm F2.8
Focal length31mm
Exposure time1/40 s

The pictures from my fellow Scavengers are here: Tape.

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