Scavenger Hunt #37 – Lost

A wooden manikin on all fours, with its arm stuck between the cushions of a sofa, probably looking for its keys.

For the Scavenger Hunt #37, I revisited the theme I had used in Scavenger Hunt #32 – the wooden manikins are back!

For “Lost”, I went for the pretty straightforward narrative of “having lost one’s keys (or phone, or whatever else) between the cushions of the sofa”. So this was essentially posing the manikin, shooting, basic processing, and done.

A unedited version of the previous picture, very underexposed and with a bluer tone.
CameraPentax K-1 II
Lenssmc PENTAX-D FA MACRO 100mm F2.8 WR
Focal length100mm
Exposure time1/80 s

The pictures from my fellow Scavengers are here: Lost.

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