Scavenger Hunt #37 – Empty

A wooden manikin standing in a large empty white room.

For the Scavenger Hunt #37, I revisited the theme I had used in Scavenger Hunt #32 – the wooden manikins are back!

For the word “Empty”, I wanted a very minimalist image, with the idea of the manikin being in a completely empty room. I wasn’t exactly sure of how to achieve that because I lack a clean seamless white background of that size. But I got the idea of shooting from above on top of our (white) coffee table.

A wooden manikin standing on a white table, base for the previous image.
CameraPentax K-1 II
LensPentax D FA 24-70mm F2.8
Focal length70mm
Exposure time1/60 s

This gave me a manikin on a white background with a shadow below it (shadows are important to ground things on a surface, otherwise they’re floating!). I processed it by cropping the white content, increasing the canvas size to give more space to the image (and relying on software magic and a lot of cloning tools to make said canvas increase “realistic enough”), and making the whole image black&white to emphasize the minimalist approach.

The pictures from my fellow Scavengers are here: Empty.

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