52Frames – 2021-23 – Music

Beware, fancy picture! I got a couple of wooden manikins (for my french readers: DES BONHOMMES OCÉDAR) specifically for photographic prop purposes, and I thought it would be a good idea to have a trial run with one of them!

The theme for this week’s 52Frames was “Music”. My first impulse was to have the manikin sitting at the piano somehow – but then I thought it’s be funnier if it were running on it instead. This required some major ‘shopping though, so let me present to you the various steps 🙂

First, get a piano.

Also get a picture of a piano with a key pressed.

Composite these two to get an image of a piano with a key pressed without a finger.

Then, get a manikin.

Fight like hell to get a proper extraction of the manikin from the background. Note to self: next time, reshoot with better background separation, spending that much time on that was definitely avoidable.

Finally, composite, add shadow under the mannikin, crop, color tone the whole thing, be happy. Grumble a bit because Lightroom doesn’t seem to have settings for my lens deformation; play around with the settings, end up with the happy accident of having an overly curved piano, like it, SHIP IT!

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