52Frames – 2021-22 – Wide Angle

Arched bridge/viadukt taken from below, with a dominant blue sky, framed by trees, with a sunburst peeking through the trees

The theme for this week’s 52Frames was “Wide Angle”. I don’t have much in terms of “proper” wide angle lens in my collection – lower I can go is probably an 18 from an old kit lens, but it crops on my full frame, which I feel defeats the purpose a bit.

Instead, we went on a long walk/short hike around Baar today (specifically, from Neuägeri to Baar); I didn’t feel like lugging my large camera (which was indeed a good call) so I took my Canon compact with me instead. That Canon coms with a 8.8-36.6 which would be equivalent to a 24-100 full frame – again, not very wide angle, but best I can get! (and technically wider than my phone’s 28-equivalent too 😉 )

Anyway, we ran into the Lorzentobelbrücke, and there was some good opportunities for pictures there – that’s the Borgenviadukt, which is the second of these bridges. I was particularly happy with the sunburst through the trees!

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