Scavenger Hunt #30 – Clouds

Clouds eluded me for a fairly long time – did I want to take pictures of proper clouds (very weather-dependent to get pretty ones, not something that can be relied to much in December in Zürich), make egg clouds, create clouds for a diorama with cotton? And then it struck me: we DO have a game where players control clouds, and I didn’t even have a board game-themed picture yet!

The game is called Petrichor; we mostly bought it because it had such a unique theme, but I must admit it’s still on the “pile of shame” of games we haven’t played yet. It’s a pity, though: I ran through the rulebook and played a solo game for this picture – I did mess up a rule (and my messing up of that rule is visible on this board 😉 ), but other than that the status on this board is a “real” game status 🙂 I took several pictures with different angles, and I settled on this one:

CameraPentax K-1 II
LensPentax D FA 24-70mm F2.8
Focal length38mm
Exposure time1/20s

It’s mostly dark because I underexposed because I was too lazy to get the tripod out; and the processing was limited to the usual crop/light/color adjustments.

For all the other interpretations of the word by my fellow Scavengers: the Cloud album.

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