Cool stuff

Elemental haiku [interactive text] – a periodic table with haiku associated to every element. Cute 🙂

Juno image gallery [images] – images from the NASA Juno mission, orbiting Jupiter. I sense some of these will eventually end up in my desktop wallpaper images.

Winners of the 2019 International Garden Photographer of the Year Competition [images] – some very pretty garden-related pictures. Slightly larger res pictures (and more of them) are available on the contest website: International Garden Photographer of the Year.

A robot that teaches itself to play Jenga [text, video] – I like robots that do cool stuff. Playing Jenga is cool. (Or, at least: watching a robot playing Jenga is cool.)

Divisive factorials! [text] – some fun considerations about the question “what happens if we replace the multiplication by the division in the definition of the factorial?”. Part of the answer is: “it depends how you do that.”

Opportunity did not answer NASA’s final call, and it’s now lost to us [text] – Opportunity was declared lost this week, and it’s strangely emotional. I actually learnt it via XKCD: Opportunity Rover [comic], which may be the most moving XKCD in a while. Generally speaking: I think that’s the first time I read an obituary for a robot.

Bohemian Git-sody [text] – a re-writing of Bohemian Rhapsody lyrics around Git. Very relatable.

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