52Frames – 2022-08 – Rule of Thirds

Drop of water falling into a larger pool of blue water

The theme for this week’s 52Frames was “Rule of Thirds”. I admit this is not my favorite kind of theme, because it’s not restrictive enough, and it’s not really making my brain thrive with creativity. That said, the extra challenge (which I claimed) was for “1/2000s or faster” – for which flash-less drop photography works reasonably well. I setup three bright LED panels on top of a plate containing water colored in blue, I grabbed a remote and a small drip pipette, and started shooting. I had a few issues at the beginning getting the focus right – but I eventually prevailed by focusing manually on the place where the drop would fall, instead of “the line where I think it would and focusing on the border of the plate” (that didn’t work at all). That, in term, allowed me to open my aperture more, and to finally get enough light without having a super-grainy picture, in order to be actually able to claim the extra challenge.

I’ll have to try that sort of things with flashlights eventually 😉

52Frames 2020-06 – Rule of Thirds

The theme for this week’s 52frames challenge is Rule of Thirds.

I’m participating to a test-drive of “photo mentorships” – more on that later, probably, it’s still in closed beta 😉 Buuut part of the gist of the task for this week was to try and get the composition “right” in camera, in particular when it comes to framing the right things – not too much, and not too little. It was, incidently, a very interesting exercise – despite the snow that accompanied me for most of my walk today. And the constraint was to post it “straight out of the camera”, which is… a challenge for me 🙂

I’d like to say that this picture is exactly one of these “straight out of the camera” pictures – but I can’t say it is – there’s been a bit of fixing horizontals, a bit of cropping, and a bit of color edit on this one.

The “extra credit” for this week was “street photography”. I must admit that I did hesitate claiming it – for sure this doesn’t fit the “canons” on street photography. But, to me, street photography is about people and humanity, and I find the act of adding that poppy where it is to fit very well with that idea 🙂