Scavenger Hunt #35 – Orange

A frame full of orange/yellow bubbles. There's a few larger ones, but the majority of them are small and dense.

The 35th Scavenger Hunt had a very colorful theme, because there’s all colors of the rainbow in it, and then some. It took me a while to manage to find a way to get a set of pictures that would look like a proper set. My first idea was to try to do something around food photography; some of the colors dissuaded me. I finally landed on the idea of doing something I had wanted to do for a long time: playing with water and oil and soap to make BUBBLES. Not all the pictures have all these components, but I tried to keep a uniting “bubbles/droplets” theme while trying to provide some variation on the technique to get cohesive, but different images.

Orange is one of the pictures where I deviated from the original concept: there’s no water, oil or soap in this picture. Instead, it’s simply orange juice, which I stirred with a small electric milk foamer and let sit until I got the adequate amount and texture of bubbles. Initially, I was a bit annoyed by the fact that I could see my reflection in all the bubbles; a posteriori, I think it adds a bit of texture and fun to them, and it’s not entirely obvious what that triangle is in the final picture. One of the challenges was to avoid for this picture to look a lot like another one in that set that I had shot previously; this was essentially a question of choosing the right setup of bubbles at a moment where they were set in a way that was different enough from the other picture.

A glass full of foamy orange liquid, shot from above.
CameraPentax K-1 II
Lenssmc PENTAX-D FA MACRO 100mm F2.8 WR
Focal length100 mm
Exposure time1/160

The complete Scavenger album is available here: the Orange album.

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