Cool stuff

ConcernedApe’s Haunted Chocolatier — Early Gameplay [short video] – ConcernedApe, of Stardew Valley fame, is working on a game called Haunted Chocolatier, and that’s almost everything I need to know. Except – when can I preorder that?

Coding Font [interactive tool] – a tool to decide what’s one’s favorite coding font. Pretty cool – and I was very amused to see that, without having the font names, I landed on the JetBrains one; I’ve been using a JetBrains IDE for the past 7 years, so maybe there’s a link 🙂

Talk – Practical Pigment Mixing for Digital Painting [medium-length video] – reasons why blue and yellow don’t make green in digital painting tools (and yes, it’s more subtle than additive vs subtractive colors) and a way to fix that. Fascinating stuff.

GPS [text with interactive widgets] – a very neat explanation of the Global Positioning System, with a lot of super well-made interactive widgets. Superb presentation.

Smirkybec’s Twitch channel [long videos] – Smirkybec edits Wikipedia on Twitch, and I need more of that type of content on my internet.

Book Renovation [text] – N.K. Jemisin (who’s a fantastic author you should read) talks about her book revision process.

Quordle [web-based game] – what if, Wordle, but guessing 4 words at a time? It also have a couple more languages, including French.

Advanced Skills through Multiple Adversarial Motion Priors in Reinforcement Learning [short video] – because it’s a transformer humanoid quadruped robot with wheels, and it’s damn cool.

A short history of Sriracha [twitter thread] – and now I want some Sriracha.

Return to Monkey Island [short video] – I started this post with a videogame announcement, I’m finishing it with another….. but RON GILBERT IS MAKING A NEW MONKEY ISLAND. Look behind you, a three-headed monkey. Some more details here: Ron Gilbert, Dave Grossman – Return to Monkey Island [text].

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