Scavenger Hunt #34 – Lemon

Paradeplatz in black&white; a "Blue Lemon" shop is visible at the forefront with the lemon in its logo being the first visibly colored element of the picture.

My goal with Hunt 34 was to do something closer to a “real” Scavenger Hunt and to take all my shots outside in the city. I have a mix of “found shots” and “places I know where I’ll be able to take a shot” for this round, and that felt pretty good. I also have a new, more compact camera than my Pentax “monster” – so I also wanted the opportunity to shoot with it more and get more comfortable with it: my other goal for this Hunt was “everything shot with the Fuji”.

I expected to be in a bit of trouble with “Lemon” – should I bring a random lemon to a location? Or try to find a restaurant with “Lemon” in its name and go from there? (I knew at least some places with “Lemongrass” in the name.) So I actually searched on Google Maps for, well, “lemon”. And there’s a shop called “Blue Lemon” on one of the iconic squares of Zürich, Paradeplatz. I felt a bit self-conscious taking pictures in that place – lots of people, and feeling a bit weird about taking pictures of that shop! I finally landed on the following picture. Since I wanted the theme to be obvious and not hidden somewhere in the image, I went for the selective coloring of the lemon in post. And since I like Easter eggs, I also re-saturated te blue to get the faint blue at the bottom of the tram too 😉

Paradeplatz: shops on the side of the square, tram line, tram and crane.
CameraFujifilm X-30 II
LensFujinon XF 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR
Focal length18mm
Exposure time1/40s

The complete Scavenger album is available here: the Lemon album.

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