Scavenger Hunt #34 – Macro

Close-up of the mouth of a water fountain

My goal with Hunt 34 was to do something closer to a “real” Scavenger Hunt and to take all my shots outside in the city. I have a mix of “found shots” and “places I know where I’ll be able to take a shot” for this round, and that felt pretty good. I also have a new, more compact camera than my Pentax “monster” – so I also wanted the opportunity to shoot with it more and get more comfortable with it: my other goal for this Hunt was “everything shot with the Fuji”.

The “Macro” shot did not start well. I wanted to go for another word and hope for the best for other words of the list, so I took my camera, hopped on the bus, and went to my destination. I had the rest of the list in my mind, and I ran into something that COULD have worked for Macro. So I took the camera out of the bag, and I got a sinking feeling that got confirmed a few seconds later when I lit on the camera: no memory card 😭 So I walked home feeling stupid, and grumbled a lot.

But, somehow, I managed to pick myself up an hour or two later, thinking “I am going to go back outside with the camera, and we’ll see what happens”. And, in the meantime, I had had a proper idea for the “macro” shot. Now, on the Fuji, I don’t have a macro lens (…… yet 😉). Hence, I went with a bit of a larger interpretation there – many people use “macro” as a synonym for “close-up”, and I decided it’d be good enough for me. Technically wrong, but socially acceptable, I guess 😉 I was consequently looking for something that was small enough to work as a close-up, and still be typical of Zürich. Switzerland has fresh water fountains EVERYWHERE. And the city of Zürich itself, apparently, has 1200 of them – so it felt like a nice idea to consider the mouth of such a fountain. I left the apartment (again…) with my camera, INCLUDING A MEMORY CARD, and a Lume cube because the daylight was starting to fade, and I did a small round of the three fountains in my vicinity I could think of (I found a fourth one since!) before I settled on this one.

The Lume cube got handy to give some texture to the water; I’m also quite happy with both the focus and depth of field of that image. As a “Macro” image, I’ll admit it’s a bit weak; but for me it still has a story behind it, and I’m happy about that.

That’s the original, out of the camera picture:

Wider, lower-exposed, unprocessed picture of the close-up of the mouth of a water fountain
CameraFujifilm X-30 II
LensFujinon XF 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR
Focal length47 mm
Exposure time1/100s

The complete Scavenger album is available here: the Macro album.

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