52Frames – 2022-07 – Unexplored

Alleys of a cemetery; the individual graves are well spaced and there's a lot of trees.

The theme for this week’s 52Frames was “Unexplored”. It turns out that there’s a place in Zürich I always kind of wanted to visit but never dared to, because it felt awkward: the local cemetery in Sihlfeld. So I gathered a bit of courage along with my camera, and went there.

Well, it turns out that it’s a beautiful place, very quiet, with a lot of trees; and it… actually didn’t felt too awkward to take pictures there – even less so than in a regular park due to the distinct lack of crowds. I thoroughly enjoyed my stroll there; I was, however, somewhat nonplussed with the pictures I managed to take – which I feel don’t necessarily reflect well the mood of the place. But, now that the initial exploration is out of the way, I’ll probably go back with a better plan in mind 🙂

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