52Frames – 2021-45 – Face a Fear

Sepia picture of a mug of coffee, reading glasses, and a Kindle showing the cover of The Stand, by Stephen King

The theme for this week’s 52Frames was “Face a Fear”. My major fear is fear of crowds, and, well, in these days and age, it’s actually a fear I’m not about to face recklessly 😉 So I went for a much tamer one for this picture!

I don’t deal well with scary books or scary or violent movies. I did, however, read The Stand twice – once around high school, and once more recently. I wouldn’t re-read it today: stories that have a background of plagues are not very enticing right now.

I also claimed the “New Photography Technique” credit. My new Fuji comes with neat filters and great JPEG processing, so I’m trying to see if I can make that work with, well, less processing on my end. I don’t think I ever will – I boosted the contrast and exposure of this one, and I re-cropped it too, but the color toning is all Fuji 🙂

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