Cool stuff

How D&D classes use a bow [short video] – I laughed a lot. Absolutely relevant to WoW players too.

eatyourbooks [service] – a (paying) service that allows you to give a list of your cookbooks and to get a proper searchable index (often better than the books themselves) on indexed cookbooks. Not all books are indexed, but the popular ones definitely are. The interface is a bit…. quirky, but the service is very useful to me.

The Wheel Of Time – Official Teaser Trailer [short video] – I am VERY MUCH looking forward to this. The trailer is gorgeous.

Nanowar Of Steel – La Polenta Taragnarock [short video] – hilarious AND an earworm, what more do you want?

The YouTube channel of Sebastian Lague – this person does super nice coding demos (often Unity-based) on various topics, and it’s both very interesting and quite soothing in a Bob Ross way 😉 I particularly enjoyed his Procedural Planet Generation videos!

The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time [text, music] – Rolling Stone made a pretty cool playlist there – I need to update my culture a bit, there are some I don’t know (or that I don’t know I know 🙂 )

Alpha Earth from space [photos] – Thomas Pesquet’s photographs from the ISS are beautiful – and span a lot of places!

3 Unbelievable LEGO Creations [short video] – this comes from a channel called “Brick Bending” – so….. considered yourself warned. But this made me audibly gasp 😀

Is Becky Chambers the Ultimate Hope for Science Fiction? [text]- I absolutely adore Becky Chambers’ work, and this piece that talks about her, her works, and tea, was a heartwarming read. And I love that the first picture of the article is so close from my brain image of her last book!

Biohackers Encoded Malware in a Strand of DNA [text]- a report of a proof of concept that admittedly takes a lot of shortcuts/cheats, but the idea is fantastic and very much into the sci-fi domain. The necessity of input sanitation apparently includes whatever you put in your DNA sequencer 😀

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