52Frames – 2021-28 – Transportation

Well, that was in extremis. The theme for 52Frames this week was “Transportation”. We were away this week – which, considering the theme, was an unfortunate coincidence, considering the amount of transportation in this city!

But I knew that on our way back there was a way to get at least an unusual shot – even if not a great one, possibly: there’s a Mirage IIIS that’s used as a decoration on one of the freeway rest areas; so I asked that we stopped there explicitly on the way home. We went there, I took a few phone snapshots, we had lunch, and we went home.

And then… I forgot to submit. Thankfully, the Powers That Be were nice enough to allow me a late submission – which means my 80-week streak is not broken. I probably would have edited it if not for that hiccup (I don’t know how, but eh), but as it is, well, it’s straight out of my phone. But, well, I have a Mirage picture 🙂

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