52Frames – 2021-25 – Macro and 2021-26 – Just Breathe

Two pretty uninspired weeks for the “Macro” and “Just Breathe” themes – I’ve been busy with another project, which makes 52Frames take the backseat for a while – especially since I don’t want to spoil the other project! And getting out of the mindset of the other one to get something in a completely different context is fairly challenging.

For the “Macro” shot, I was lucky: we made fresh spring rolls last week-end, and the cross-section felt like it looked pretty enough to warrant a macro shot.

For the “Just Breathe” theme, I’ll admit this is somewhat of a placeholder shot. We got an advisory of heavy rain, and this was taken a few minutes before the thunder started rolling, at the moment where the air starts to feel colder/lighter and where you can smell the storm arrive – I have a fondness for these moments!

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