Scavenger Hunt #31 – Tiny Creatures

For the 31st Scavenger Hunt, I decided to create all my images within an overarching theme of “Board games” – and maybe take the opportunity to talk about said games during this post.

For the word “Tiny Creatures”, making a picture around Bunny Kingdom was completely obvious very early. The irony is that, at the scale of the game, these bunnies are actually HUGE – they take over whole fields and castles! But the first time we saw this game, we (okay, probably I) were enchanted by “LOOK AT ALL THE TINY RABBITS AAAWWW”.

Bunny Kingdom is a draft and control territory game. Players draft through a deck of cards that allow them to put a bunny territories, to upgrade these territories (with resources and castles), and to get various bonuses. And it has a lot of bunnies.

For this picture, I chose to not display a remotely valid game state: I felt that the addition of the bonus tiles would crowd the picture… and I wanted the picture to be crowded by bunnies, not by other game pieces. I also usually run through a reasonable-ish simulation of the game to get to a believable-ish state of the game for my pictures. For this one, I setup the castles first, then I put bunnies from each player in the castles, and I completed within what I would consider being reasonable moves within these parameters (but then, I suck at this game, so what do I know).

This yielded the following initial image, which was straightforward enough to edit.

CameraPentax K-1 II
Lenssmc PENTAX-D FA 50mm F2.8 Macro
Focal length50 mm
Exposure time1/13 s

The complete Scavenger album is available here: the Tiny Creatures album.

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