52Frames – 2021-13 – Fast shutter speed

Another 52Frames where the extra credit, “Rear Curtain Sync”, made me experiment with my flash 🙂 The theme was “Slow shutter speed”, and the idea of the “rear curtain sync” is to have the flash sync just before the shutter stops. Hence, you can see the movement of the object, and the end of the movement “frozen” by the flash.

It took me a while to find something that would work – I experimented with playing cards and (not exactly seriously, but for Science™ purposes) with me dancing in front of the camera until I got the idea of a pendulum (“that would work okay”) and got the idea of using some of my sparkly pendants (which I had bought from Kit Rocha’s Market Square) to get the image. And, after a few tries (and moving in front of a dark background instead of a white one), I got the image I submitted (above).

I also processed a couple of outtakes:

I liked the streaks on that first one better, but the pendant itself felt more distracting, especially with the reflection of the flash. The second one I’m… almost regretting not choosing for my entry – I only processed it this morning, and after processing I think it may be better. However, the pendant in the middle is really not sharp enough to my taste (I think it’s a focus issue more than a movement issue, which sucks).

Still, it was nice experimenting – and I’m particularly proud of these because it was almost a break of my (now) 65-week streak (and now that I have passed 64, I have no choice but to continue to 128, right?)

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